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What To Say To a Doctor To Get Stress Leave In Australia

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Stress is a normal human experience, however for some it can be overwhelming and have effects on their physical and mental health. If you feel as though stress from work is affecting your life outside of work, you may be able to take stress leave. A conversation with a doctor about stress leave should not end with just a doctor's certificate, but a list of strategies and management strategies to reduce your stress. To address any concerns that you may have, it is advisable to consult with a  mental health professional to receive proper advice and treatment depending on your specific situation.

If you ever feel overwhelmed and under pressure from your work’s demands, you may feel stressed. You know you need a break, but you ca not take one. You could take stress leave but do not know how to go about it.

Mosh’s network of AHPRA-registered doctors can help you understand the causes of stress, how it can affect your daily life outside of work, and how to address its symptoms if necessary. They can even help you know what to say to a doctor to get stress leave in Australia. 

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What is stress?

It refers to the feeling that comes about when you are under pressure or overwhelmed.[1] It is normal to experience it from time to time. However, if it gets out of control, it can lead to serious health issues. Many symptoms can be associated with stress, and the symptoms manifest differently depending on each person. So it is essential to be aware of any signs of stress, so you will know what to say to a doctor to get stress leave in Australia and get a well-deserved break from work.

What are some signs that I need to go on stress leave?

In general, you should consider a ‘stress leave’ if you feel that the stress from work is affecting your life outside of work – mainly if it is affecting your personal life or mental health. The signs of stress manifest differently for each person. However, there are some common signs that you should look out for if you are too stressed, such as:  

  • feeling overwhelmed;
  • constantly worrying;
  • feeling exhausted;
  • prolonged changes to appetite and sleep patterns;
  • physical symptoms, such as headache, stomach ache, or nausea;
  • changes in mood, such as being more irritable or prone to anger;
  • withdrawal from friends and family; 
  • increased reliance on substances or alcohol to cope; and
  • having recurring negative thoughts.[2] 

It is essential to understand that these are only general stress indicators and should not substitute a proper diagnosis from your doctor. We encourage you to speak to your doctor if you are stressed for extended periods. At Mosh, we connect you to a network of AHPRA-registered doctors who can help you understand what is causing your stress and can recommend you take a ‘stress leave’ if necessary. 

You may be wondering, ‘what to say to a doctor to get stress leave in Australia?’ but it’s also important to know what is stress and the symptoms of stress so you know when you should see a doctor.

How many stress leaves am I entitled to in Australia?

According to the Fair Work Commission, you are entitled to paid sick leave if you can not work due to an injury or personal illness, which includes stress-related conditions.[3] The duration and frequency of stress leave you are entitled to in Australia are determined by how many hours you work. For example, you are entitled to one hour of sick leave for every twenty-six hours of work, equating to ten days of sick leave yearly. 

Instead of searching for ‘What to say to a doctor to get stress leave in Australia?’ online, we encourage you to be direct and honest with your doctors so that they can help you achieve the results that you deserve.

Aside from taking leaves to deal with your stress, you can also read up on stress management techniques and habits to lessen the daily stress you accumulate from various sources, like work. 

What will I need to apply for a mental health leave of absence at work?

It is not as simple as figuring out ‘what to say to a doctor to get stress leave in Australia’. If you want to file for stress-related sick leave, you are required to submit notice and a medical certificate for evidence to your employer so that it can prove that you are entitled to a mental-health-related sick leave. Applying for a mental health leave may involve an appointment or consultation with your doctor or psychologist, depending on the nature of your condition. It is ideal if you can make time to consult both.   

However, it might not be easy to set aside time for a health check-up if you are overwhelmed with work. It is easy to get started with your medical consultation with Mosh. All you need to do is answer a brief online questionnaire, and one of our Mosh doctors will connect with you as soon as possible. 

During your consultation with our Mosh doctor, you must share as much information as you are comfortable with, as it will help them assess your situation and suggest tailor-fit recommendations. 

If you decide to seek professional advice, you should understand what to say to a doctor to get stress leave in Australia, and ask them further questions about stress like: ‘How to manage stress?’ or ‘How to deal with stress?

Determine your stress sources with Mosh

Stress is a natural part of life and can be productive, but if it becomes too much for us to handle, it can negatively affect your life and goals. At Mosh, we are fully committed to your health and want to help you achieve your desired results. 

Instead of finding yourself overwhelmed with stress and asking yourself, ‘What to say to a doctor to get stress leave in Australia?’ we want to guide you through whatever you’re struggling with and to better health outcomes. 

So whenever you are searching for ‘How to relieve stress?’, ‘How to reduce stress?’ or other related questions online, we encourage you to speak to a doctor instead. 

Consult a Mosh doctor today. 

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