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How to Manage Stress

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Key Takeaways

Excessive and persistent stress can hinder ones everyday functioning and can have adverse consequences. It is advisable to consult with healthcare experts to obtain tailored stress management strategies that align with your specific requirements.

Stress is a normal part of life. When manageable, it’s something that pushes us to do better and stay alert.[1] But when it becomes overwhelming and persistent, the effects can be devastating to your health.

Facing stress is a daily battle for many people. It’s hard to know where to turn for help when you need it most, especially when everyone around you is also experiencing it, which is common in professional settings.

We are here to help you with our team of Aussie doctors who provide personalised support for men and women who want to know how to manage stress through lifestyle changes, prescription medication, or even therapy. Each and every one of our doctors has a genuine interest and specialise in their patient’s holistic health, so you can be confident that any treatments offered to you at Mosh are suitable for you and your situation.

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What is stress?

Stress is the body’s response to any demand. It is a natural and automatic response triggered by our environment, thoughts, and emotions. 

The stress response is the body’s way of protecting us by preparing us for action and causes the release of hormones that increase heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure, boost energy levels, and focus.[2]

How does chronic stress affect our overall well-being?

Chronic stress has a profound effect on our overall well-being. It can lead to physical and mental health problems and make it difficult to cope with everyday challenges. Chronic stress can also affect our relationships, work performance, and ability to enjoy life.

When we’re constantly under stress, our bodies go into fight-or-flight mode. This means that our bodies are primed for action, and we may experience various symptoms, such as increased heart rate, muscle tension, and heightened alertness. This is helpful in the short term, but if it goes on for too long, it can be harmful to our health.[3]

Chronic stress can lead to a number of health problems, including heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, and obesity.[4] It can also contribute to mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. 

The best way how to manage chronic stress is by reaching out to a Mosh doctor for support. You can start by filling out our questionnaire for one of our doctors to review. If necessary, a personalised treatment will be recommended to you within twenty-four hours, and you can get in touch with your doctor.

Whether through text, call, or video chat, you can ask a few questions to confirm whether or not the proposed treatment is the right one for you. During this call, you may also take the time to ask a few questions like ‘What are the symptoms of stress?’ and ‘How to manage stress?’

What are some simple methods for lowering stress levels?

When it comes to learning how to manage stress, there are several simple and healthy methods to adopt. Some of these include:

  • Take some time out for yourself each day – even if it’s just a short break. During this time, you can do something that you enjoy, or that relaxes you, such as reading, listening to music, spending time in nature, or taking a bath are great strategies for managing stress.[5]
  • Practise some form of relaxation or meditation- This can help to focus the mind and body and allow you to feel calmer and more relaxed.[6]
  • Exercise regularly- Exercise releases endorphins, which have mood-boosting and stress-reducing effects and are a great way to relax.[7]
  • Eat a healthy diet- Following a nutritious diet can help improve your well-being and reduce stress levels.[8]
  • Getting enough sleep- Studies have shown that stress and sleep deprivation are linked. Quality sleep boosts moods and relieves stress.[9]
  • Avoid or limit your intake of caffeine- Beverages like coffee and soft drinks can increase levels of stress and anxiety rather than be stress relieving methods, as commonly believed.[10]
  • Connect with others- Spending time with loved ones, friends, or even pets can help to reduce stress levels.[11]

With Mosh, you have two options for receiving treatment as you learn how stress can be managed. First up, you get a doctor’s consultation, as detailed earlier, which entitles you to personalised treatment options, video consults, easy check-ins, as well as medication if necessary. 

However, we also offer one-on-one confidential therapy sessions wherein we match you with a doctor within twenty-four hours to help you answer your questions such as ‘How do I manage stress?’, ‘How to manage stress eating?’, and more. We’ll work to help you get a doctor who understands you.

We have many doctors who can help you deal with anxiety, depression, mood, burnout, relationships, and more. Thus, you can always speak to them about what causes depression, what causes anxiety, or even what is mental health.

Does stress have physical manifestations?

Yes, stress can have physical manifestations. When we experience stress, our sympathetic nervous system is activated.[12] This results in physical changes, including an increase in heart rate, blood pressure, and faster breathing, as well as a release of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol.[13]

These changes are all designed to help us deal with stressful situations by giving us more energy and making us more alert. However, if we experience chronic stress, or our stress response is constantly activated, it can lead to several physical problems, including high blood pressure, heart disease, anxiety, depression, and even insomnia. In this case, it’s crucial to learn how to manage stress.

In severe or hard-to-manage cases for those dealing with stress, you may be prescribed medication to help you deal with your stress. Along with your medication which will be delivered to your home within four to seven business days of payment and free of charge, you’ll also have ongoing online check-ins with your doctor. And don’t worry; refills will be sent over as needed.

For those who are keen to learn how to manage stress, your plan with Mosh will include online, confidential 50-minute sessions with doctors, who may recommend personalised treatment like therapy, that have same-day availability. You can reschedule up to twenty-four hours before your sessions and even switch doctors at any time if necessary.

You may be able to claim a rebate on psychology sessions with us if your private health insurance covers them. Otherwise, you can also bulk bill using a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) and referral.

Get your mental health in check with Mosh

Mosh strives to make the talk about mental health more normal than ever while ensuring that treatment for mental health issues such as stress is accessible to both men and women.

With our whole system being 100% online, it’s made it easy for us to reach tens of thousands of people who have trusted us enough to help them with issues such as how to deal with depression, how to lose fat, and how to grow hair faster

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