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Does Collagen Help With Hair Growth?

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Collagen may contribute towards hair growth. However, hair growth depends on multiple factors such as genetics, hormonal balance, overall health, and nutrient intakes. To know more about hair loss and hair growth, it's advisable to consult a healthcare professional who can provide personalized advice based on your specific situation.

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There are several practical uses for collagen that can benefit your health. If you’ve been wondering, ‘Does collagen help with hair growth?’ then you probably aren’t the only one. 

At Mosh, we can connect you to a network of doctors who can provide evidence-based opinions on the potential of collagen for promoting hair growth. Mosh is an online men’s health platform that is dedicated to normalising accessible healthcare for all. 

Learn more about how collagen helps with hair growth and more. 

What type of collagen is best for hair?

Collagen is a protein that can be abundantly found in our bodies. However, we gradually lose collagen as we age. Collagen supplements for our skin, bones, joints, nails, and hair are becoming more popular among Australians. 

When answering ‘Does collagen help with hair growth?’ consider that most types of collagen are generally rich in several amino acids that your body needs to create the keratin in your hair. However, studies on the effectiveness of collagen supplements are limited.[1] Before trying any supplements, we encourage you to consult a doctor.

Whether you need answers to ‘Does collagen help with hair growth?’ or ‘What are foods which help with hair growth?’ you can easily consult with a Mosh doctor. You can quickly fill out our brief online questionnaire. Simply include your general information and explain your situation to us. You may even include your medical history and other relevant information that may help us. 

Within twenty-four hours, you will receive personalised recommendations that you can discuss with your Mosh doctors via text, phone, or email. You may even ask questions like ‘How much hair loss is normal?’ during this time. 

How much collagen should I take for hair growth?

There’s no exact amount of collagen you should take for hair growth. This will greatly depend on your needs, goals, and what is recommended by your doctor. Whether you have already decided to take hair treatment supplements or are still trying to figure out ‘Does collagen help with hair growth?’ we recommend that you consult a doctor first. 

There are no one-size fits all solutions, even when it comes to your hair treatments. What works for others may not work for you. Or, it may not even be what you need for your hair growth. Instead of searching online for answers to questions like ‘What helps hair growth?’ get evidence-based recommendations from a Mosh doctor today. 

Our doctors at Mosh will advise you on your hair growth concern and, if necessary, recommend personalised solutions for your specific needs. Instead of searching online for ‘Does collagen help with hair growth?’ or ‘Does rice water help hair growth?’ we can provide you with evidence-based treatments for your needs. 

You are not obligated to follow any prescribed course of action or medication. If you are uncomfortable with a treatment plan, our Mosh doctors will not pressure you. We only have your best interests at heart. 

If you proceed with the treatment, you can have the items delivered to your home. With Mosh’s subscription-based service, we ensure that you receive your products as quickly as possible when you need them. Moreover, if you need to cancel or reevaluate your treatment plan, you can do so at no extra charge. 

Don’t just wonder, ‘Does collagen help with hair growth?’ or ‘How to thicken hair growth?’ Instead, connect with a doctor and take steps to regain confidence in your look with Mosh today. 

Is collagen or biotin better for hair growth?

Both collagen and biotin have been found to have beneficial effects on hair growth. While there are limited studies on a direct comparison between both, neither one is better than the other. Your doctor could tell you what kinds of supplements to take based on your situation, needs, and medical history if it’s appropriate for your situation at all.

In general, biotin can help with a biotin deficiency and possibly help promote hair growth. However, since there are limited studies on the effectiveness of biotin for hair growth for those without biotin deficiency,[2] we encourage you to consult a doctor for a custom approach.

Trust Mosh when it comes to your health. We support our Moshers through personalised, evidence-based recommendations and high-quality services.  

Whether you want to figure out ‘When to shave head when balding?’ or ‘Why is my hair thinning?’ it’s important not to rush into things and choose the first search result you find. Instead, learn more about hair care and other health concerns with Mosh. We’re here to help answer your questions like, ‘Does collagen help with hair growth?’

We have a dedicated online platform for men's health that can help you address your health concerns and assist you in achieving your desired goals. You can contact us via our online platform, phone, and email from Monday through Friday, 8.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. AEST. 

Let’s talk about what custom approaches can do for hair growth and other ways to improve your overall health. 

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