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How to Lose Belly Fat

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Key Takeaways

Losing belly fat is all about a healthy diet, managing your calories and regular exercise. There are also evidence based weight loss programs that can help you on your journey.

Trying to lose weight can be difficult because you know you want to make a change but don’t know where or how to start. All you may know is that you aren’t satisfied with your current weight and that you may need professional help.

One area people really struggle with is their belly fat. Thousands of people a day look up ‘how to lose belly fat’ online in an attempt to shed a few inches around their waist.

A few answers that pop up are to create a balanced diet consisting of foods that help burn belly fat, craft workout plans that have exercises to boost belly fat reduction, and learn what practices make belly fat accumulate in order to avoid doing them.[1]

Here’s where Mosh comes in. We provide personalised weight loss programs that are tailored to your specific needs. We work with you to create a plan that will help you achieve your goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

We connect you with AHPRA-registered Australian doctors who care deeply about men’s health. The best part is everything is done 100% online, so you don’t have to worry about long waiting lines or awkward in-person appointments.

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What types of food burns belly fat?

There isn’t one specific type of food that burns belly fat, as it depends on individual factors such as one's age, activity level, and overall health. However, there are certain nutrients which can help.

Foods high in protein such as egg whites, fish, and lean meats, as well as healthy fats like omega-3s, help burn fat. These foods help boost metabolism and promote fullness, both of which can aid in weight loss. High-fibre foods such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are also good options as they help you stay satisfied and can reduce cravings. 

Finally, healthy fats such as avocados, nuts, and seeds are also beneficial for promoting weight loss by preventing cravings. A healthy diet that includes a variety of whole foods is the best way to help burn belly fat.

Avoiding processed and sugary foods is also important, as these tend to promote weight gain and make it more difficult to lose weight. Eating a balanced and healthy diet, combined with regular amounts of exercise, is the best way to burn tummy fat and improve your overall health.

If you want to learn even more about how to lose belly fat, consider setting up an appointment with one of our doctors. All you need to do is go to our website and fill out a questionnaire for our doctor to review so they can assess your unique condition. If necessary, they can tailor a weight loss program for you.

Your weight loss program may contain components such as the most suitable workouts for you, evidence-based treatments, over-the-counter medication, and maybe even supplements such as weight loss shakes.  After you go over your suggested program, you can give your doctor a call or send them a text to confirm that the program is right for you and ask any questions you may have regarding how to lose belly fat, how many calories for weight loss, how to plan a diet to lose weight, or even how to exercise for weight loss.

If your program contains any supplements or medications, you can opt to have them delivered to you anywhere in Australia. Our subscription-based model allows you to easily have your supplies restocked as necessary, so you never have to worry about running out as you can simply set and forget.

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Angela beforeAngela after
Angela, 37WA
Program typeWeight loss medication
Weight Lost10kg
Results shown5 weeks
Joshua beforeJoshua after
Joshua, 43TAS
Program typeWeight loss medication
Weight Lost10kg
Results shown4 weeks
David beforeDavid after
David, 38NSW
Program typeWeight loss medication
Weight Lost13kg
Results shown5 weeks
Sallie beforeSallie after
Sallie, 48QLD
Program typeWeight loss medication
Weight Lost5kg
Results shown10 weeks

How do I lose belly weight through exercise?

Wondering how to lose belly fat through exercise? Some of the most effective methods include HIIT (high intensity interval training), strength training, and aerobic exercise. Let your Mosh doctor know if you want your weight loss program to include specific types of exercises.

HIIT exercises are short bursts of very high-intensity activity followed by periods of rest. This type of exercise is very effective at reducing belly fat. Strength training helps build lean muscle mass, which in turn helps burn more calories, even when you are at rest. Cardiovascular exercise, such as running or biking, helps to get your heart rate up whilst burning a lot of calories. 

It is important to note spot reduction, otherwise known as losing fat in just one area of your body, has not been proven to be effective.[2] So when you’re attempting to lose belly fat, you must work towards burning fat throughout your whole body.

To see the best results, it is important to combine all three types of exercise into your routine. To help keep you motivated, all our weight loss programs come with a comprehensive progress dashboard to track how far you’ve come. 

We also give you access to a supportive virtual community filled with people who are also on their weight loss journey, as well as unlimited medical follow-ups with your doctor where you can learn more about topics such as stress management, how to calm anxiety, and even what causes depression.

What causes belly fat to accumulate?

There are many factors that can contribute to the accumulation of belly fat. Some of the most common include a sedentary lifestyle, overeating, genetics, stress, and hormonal imbalance. A combination of these factors can lead to the perfect storm for abdominal fat storage.

A sedentary lifestyle is one of the most important factors when it comes to the accumulation of belly fat. People who are inactive have a much higher risk of storing fat in their midsection. Inactivity leads to a decrease in the number of calories burned and an increase in the number of calories consumed, and this calorie imbalance can lead to weight gain and, eventually, abdominal fat storage.

Overeating is another major factor that can contribute to the accumulation of belly fat as well as obesity. When we consume more calories than we burn, our bodies store the excess as fat. Consuming too many calories on a regular basis can lead to weight gain and abdominal fat accumulation.

Genetics plays a role in the accumulation of belly fat as well. Some people are simply more predisposed to storing fat in their midsection due to a variety of factors, including body type and metabolism.

Stress is another factor to consider when determining how to lose belly fat. When we are stressed, our bodies produce the natural hormone cortisol, which has been shown to increase appetite and promote the storage of abdominal fat.

If this has helped you pinpoint any of the main reasons for your unwanted belly fat, then that’s actually a good thing! Identifying where you’re going off track is a good starting point for knowing how to lose belly fat. But know that when it comes to finding effective ways for belly fat reduction, you don’t have to rely on trial-and-error methods or guesswork. Our doctors are here to help you do just that.

Learn all about how to lose belly fat with our trusted Mosh doctors

For many people, belly fat can be a real challenge to lose. With the help of our doctors, you can learn to lose stubborn fat without having to give up your favourite foods or exercising excessively. 

At Mosh, we’re committed to helping men get access to the support they need. With over 50,000 Australian patients trusting us, we’re more than happy to have you join our roster of satisfied Moshers.

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