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Depression And Anxiety Test

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Key Takeaways

Mosh is a platform that connects people with a network of doctors who offer science-backed solutions for mental health needs, including depression and anxiety. Symptoms of depression and anxiety vary for each person, and treatment plans are tailored to the individual, which can include lifestyle changes, therapy, support groups, and medication.

Dealing with depression and anxiety can be tough. It’s hard to know if you’re suffering from depression or anxiety and when you need help. The Mosh platform helps you find the right care for your mental health needs. We connect you with a network of doctors who can offer science-backed solutions that work for you and guide you through treatment options when necessary.

There’s no need to rely on a depression and anxiety test you found online to understand what you’re going through. Our Mosh doctors can help you understand your mental health and guide you to overcome your struggles. If necessary, our doctors can also offer evidence-based treatment solutions and recommendations to help you achieve the desired results.

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What is depression?

Depression, which is also referred to as ‘clinical depression’, refers to overwhelming feelings of sadness and a loss of interest, motivation, or energy for extended periods.[1] While it is normal to feel sad or deflated every now and then, individuals with depression experience these symptoms severely and persistently. 

If you experience intense feelings of sadness, hopelessness, or negativity over a couple of weeks, then we encourage you to consult a doctor. 

What is anxiety?

Anxiety refers to our body’s physical and psychological reaction to the stress of new or different experiences when our body perceives harm.[2] Anxiety is experienced differently by each person, so there isn’t just one cause or effect for anxiety. In some cases, anxiety can develop into a mental health disorder when the symptoms become excessive, recur regularly and affect daily life regardless of whether a trigger is present.

Instead of searching the internet for websites that offer an all-in-one depression and anxiety test, we encourage you to speak to a medical professional. If you want to know if you have depression or anxiety, at Mosh, we can connect you with doctors who will listen to your concerns and help you understand what you need to do, whether you have depression or anxiety.

How can I get tested for depression and anxiety?

Usually, you can get diagnosed with depression and anxiety by visiting your doctor if you feel like you’re experiencing symptoms intensely for extended periods. A diagnosis of depression and anxiety usually consists of a series of specific questions and a physical exam. Occasionally, your doctor may request some laboratory tests and review your medical history to rule out other possible causes of your symptoms.

We understand that setting appointments and discussing sensitive topics in person can be challenging. You often have to deal with long queue lines and lack of privacy, among other hassles of visiting an on-site doctor. At Mosh, we make it convenient and straightforward for you to connect with an AHPRA-registered doctor.

All you have to do is answer a short online questionnaire, and a doctor will reach out to you within twenty-four hours with personalised advice. In addition to listening to your concerns, they will review the questionnaire and your medical history carefully before recommending anything. They will help you understand your symptoms and emotions with empathy, unlike any depression and anxiety test. 

Learn more about what causes depression and what causes anxiety with Mosh.

What are some symptoms of depression and anxiety?r

The symptoms of depression and anxiety greatly vary for each person due to several internal and external factors, from age and sex to lifestyle and medical conditions. It’s essential to understand that showing a few symptoms doesn’t immediately mean you have depression or anxiety. Similarly, individuals with depression or anxiety may not show all of these symptoms.

Symptoms of depression

In general, the symptoms of depression usually include a combination of signs and symptoms that may present themselves differently for each person. These may have symptoms such as:

  • withdrawing from social activities and settings.
  • increased reliance on alcohol or sedatives for coping.
  • loss of motivation and interest in your hobbies;
  • overwhelming feelings of sadness or frustration; 
  • recurring negative thoughts;
  • decreased energy and appetite; and
  • significant weight loss or gain.[3]

Talk to a doctor if you experience several of these symptoms, including feeling down and miserable, for more than two weeks. 

Symptoms of anxiety

While anxiety can have similar symptoms to depression, it is a common and severe mental health condition on its own. Some general signs of anxiety include:

  • sudden, intense episodes of fear.
  • shortness of breath.
  • sleeping problems.
  • stomach aches.
  • excessive worrying about the past, present, or future.
  • avoiding situations that make you feel anxious.
  • feeling powerless.
  • feeling like you’re in danger.
  • difficulty concentrating; and 
  • memory problems.[4]

When these symptoms become severe and persistent, it may be time to speak to a doctor about your condition.

If you have ever searched for a depression and anxiety test online, we encourage you to learn more about what does anxiety feels like and what are the symptoms of depression

What treatments are available for depression and anxiety?

It’s essential to understand that, like its symptoms and diagnosis, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution or treatment for depression or anxiety. What might work for someone else may not work for you, so it’s essential to consult a doctor whenever you want to consider treatments for your depression and anxiety. 

Some common treatments for both depression and anxiety usually involve a combination of the following:

  • incorporating lifestyle changes.
  • developing mindfulness about the condition.
  • going to counselling or therapy. 
  • joining support groups for your condition; and 
  • using medication. 

Our Mosh doctors can recommend tailor-fit treatment plans and personalised programs to help you manage your struggles and well-being when necessary. You never have to accept anything we suggest to you for treatment; at the end of the day, you decide what your body needs to get better. 

Instead of searching for how to overcome anxiety, how to stop anxiety, or how to deal with depression, talk to a doctor today. 

Personalised care with Mosh

Depression and anxiety are not lifestyle choices. These can happen to anyone and for various reasons. You may feel like you’re on your own, but that’s not true. You don’t have to deal with depression and anxiety alone. Don’t let depression and anxiety determine how you live. Let Mosh help you shoulder your struggles and help you achieve what you want to be again. 

At Mosh, we’re committed to helping you achieve your desired results through our personalised care and convenient access; there’s no need to rely on a generic depression and anxiety test. We believe that you should never be ashamed of suffering from mental disorders. At Mosh, we will never judge you for what’s beyond your control; we only want to help you get back on your feet. 

Talk to a Mosh doctor whenever you’re ready.

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