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What Causes Fat In The Liver

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Key Takeaways

Fat in the liver can be caused by a variety of factors, including alcohol, obesity, diabetes mellitus, high cholesterol, and certain medications. To know more about the causes, prevention and remedies of liver fat reach out to a doctor and seek professional advice.

Are you wondering what causes fat in the liver? As the second largest organ in the body, it’s crucial to take care of it by being proactive.

Fat in the liver is commonly caused by excess alcohol consumption. Alcohol is a toxin that must be metabolised by the liver, and when too much alcohol is consumed, the liver becomes overloaded and begins to store fat.[1] 

Non-alcoholic causes include obesity, diabetes mellitus, high cholesterol and triglycerides and medications such as corticosteroids.[2] In some cases, fat in the liver can be due to a genetic predisposition. To get accurate answers for your situation, it’s best to consult a doctor since various factors contribute to fatty liver.

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Is fatty liver a serious issue?

Fatty liver is a serious issue because it can lead to a number of health problems. It’s caused by the build-up of excess fat in the liver. While a small amount of fat in the liver is normal, too much can lead to problems.

When the liver becomes overloaded with fat, it can no longer function properly. This can lead to a build-up of toxins in the body, which can cause a variety of health problems. Cirrhosis is one of the complications of fatty liver and is a condition in which the liver becomes scarred and damaged.[3]

Liver cancer is another potential complication of fatty liver and is a very serious condition that can be fatal.

The symptoms of fatty liver can vary from person to person. In some cases, there may be no symptoms at all. When symptoms do occur, they may include the following:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Fatigue
  • Weight loss
  • Yellowing of the skin and eyes (jaundice)
  • Nausea[4]

If you are at risk for fatty liver or experiencing fatty liver symptoms, it is important to speak with your Mosh doctor or regular GP about ways to reduce your risk and determine what causes fat in the liver.

You can start by filling out a questionnaire detailing your personal information, medical history, and concerns. Within twenty-four hours of your doctor reviewing your information, you’ll receive a personalised treatment program that may include medical, over-the-counter, or coaching solutions.

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How can I naturally treat fatty liver?

Having a fatty liver is a huge cause for concern and it would do you well to address it right away by learning how to reduce fatty liver. While it’s always best to consult a doctor right away, there are a few things you can do to help treat fatty liver disease naturally: 

  • Cut down on your alcohol intake. Alcohol is a major cause of fatty liver, so abstaining from alcohol can help.
  • Eat a healthy diet. A diet that is high in healthy fats, fibre, and antioxidants can help improve liver function and reduce fat accumulation.
  • Exercise regularly. Learn how to exercise for weight loss, which can help improve liver function and reduce fat accumulation at the same time.
  • Keep your weight in check. Obesity is a major risk factor for fatty liver, so maintaining a healthy weight can help prevent and treat the condition.[5]

    To summarise, treatment for fatty liver usually involves lifestyle changes such as losing weight, eating a healthy diet, avoiding alcohol consumption and exercising regularly. After identifying what causes fat in the liver, your Mosh doctor may also deem medication necessary in some cases.

    At Mosh, our goal is to make men’s treatment more accessible and more normal than ever. One way we do this is by ensuring our entire consultation and treatment process is online, which helps you feel more confident to let us know exactly what your issues are and allows you to freely ask questions, such as what heart rate burns fat, how to calm anxiety, how to reduce belly fat or even how to increase libido.

Are there supplements I can take for fatty liver?

There are a few different supplements that have been shown to be effective in treating fatty liver. One of the most well-known is milk thistle, which has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for liver problems. Some studies show that it works by boosting liver function and enhancing aminotransferase levels.[6]

Other supplements that have been shown to be helpful in treating fatty liver include omega-3 fatty acids,[7] vitamin E,[8] and selenium.[9]

Again, you need to make sure to consult a Mosh doctor before beginning any treatment program, especially if it involves medication or supplements. In terms of health care, what works for one person may not work for the other, which is why our doctors create tailored treatment plans based on your medical and physiological state.

If you happen to be prescribed any medication with us, you can expect your order to arrive on your doorstep within four to seven working days of your payment. Refills will be provided as necessary.

Find out what causes fat in the liver by consulting our Mosh doctors

Fatty liver is a condition in which the liver becomes overloaded with fat. Fortunately, there are a number of natural treatments that can help reduce the progression of fatty liver, including diet and exercise changes.

If you are concerned about what causes fat in the liver and the state of your liver, feel free to get in touch with a Mosh doctor who can provide you with the best treatment or prevention plan.

For concerns and extra support, the best way to contact us is through our live chat, support form or email.

Complete our health questionnaire and be on your way to a healthy liver.

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